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164                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

tutor. He saved all their lives. I do not believe
the report of her having married him: "pour
autrement—-peut-etre.9 *l

I did not find old Madame de Boufflers cross;
she used to be so formerly; also in other respects,
which shall be nameless, she is much improved:
detail de Vancien regime. Madame Lorenzi is at
Auteuil. I see Madame de Laborde often* Natalie
has lost her son.

I meet the American consul sometimes at
dinner; but his nation is now on so ticklish a
footing with ours, that he seems frightened to
death if I even pass near him.

I am sure Dundas and Huskisson did not
forget me when they talked me over with the
King. I have every reason to flatter myself I am
approved of on both sides. Indeed, I have kept
clear of all dirty connections, and hope to steer
my vessel through all plots and nonsense, and
complete my mission frankly and loyally to their
hearts' desire. I trust, therefore, the old gentle-
man is not likely to be laid on the shelf. But I
should not talk so much of Mm, for I assure you
I am in such health and looks, and such a smart

i A lady interrogating a gentleman who was paying
attention to her daughter, asked him, " Est-ce pour le
manage, ou autrement ? " " Pour autrement," said he.